Managing both projects and people is critical when individuals and organizations come together to make a collective impact.  Planners specializes in the technology needed to achieve common goals...


Our Mission

Partnership Planners LLC (or Planners for short) is a social enterprise company founded to empower organizations and community partners to more effectively learn and serve in an increasingly pluralistic and technological world.  Through our professional consulting services and customized software solutions, we build the capacity to more effectively harness social power for responsible and sustainable change.

Planners has built the capacity of public schools in Harrisburg, PA to launch K-12 S.T.E.A.M projects, tie them to common core standards and sustain them into the future. These project-based learning opportunities have exposed hundreds of students to 21st Century skills which are essential for life and work.
— Chad Frey, President

Some of What We've Achieved

  • Built a project and volunteer management system to engage thousands of Special Olympic buddies throughout Central PA
  • Helped to mobilize hundreds of employees of Central PA regional businesses in ongoing community service events in partnership with the United Way of the Capital Region
  • Launched a mobile attendance taking system for Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) courses and service-learning experiences in higher education
  • Established an online directory system as part of the National MLK Day of Service to propose and list volunteer opportunities across Central PA.
  • Provided consulting and online sales support for international award winning independent documentary films in N. Ireland
  • Created an event management system to book artists, authors and performers in local book stores and cafes.
  • Customized young adult conference registration for regional churches
  • Built a project and volunteer management system that has engaged hundreds of men in reading programs for children in partnership with the American Literacy Corporation
  • Established a database for basic needs serving homeless individuals and families